Maryhill Girls High School





1. Maryhill will provide/give continuous opportunities to our staff and students to develop their skills and competencies for continuous performance improvement in management every year and through coaching and workshops termly for the students.
2. To create an environment that is conducive to study, time conscious, work focused coverage and high standards achievement driven.
3. As a center of excellence, Maryhill will endeavor to create an environment that is littered with co-curricular activities, clubs, and societies to allow students to participate and compete to the national level.



To provide equal educational opportunities for the Kenyan girl child. To develop her full potential in a multicultural and competitive environment through discipline, moral and spiritual development and to foster skills in self reliance, leadership and responsibility based on team work, efficiency, commitment and diligence.


To make Maryhill Girls’ High School a centre of excellence.


Toil for excellence

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