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 At the moment, the Mathematics department is comprising a strong and able team of teachers namely:Mr Mr Nicholus Maina, Mrs Margret Mungai, Mr Stephen kariuki,Mr Peter Njoroge, Ms Mwangi, Mr Gitau,Mr Misoka, Mr Wanyoike,Mr Munoko,Mr Makokha ,Mr Gakuo,Mr Mwalya Mrs Akaka and Mr Ariri.

Mathematics , a compulsory subject in the school curriculum contributes immensely to the basic knowledge of an individual. It is instrumental in developing concentration, patience and listening skills needed to derive solutions to our everyday life challenges.

Mathematics is a key subject in many courses. Our Mathematics team should be commended for their tirelss efforts, support, commitment, devotion,hardwork and usefull contribution.

Our main objective is to demystify and popularise mathematics as a subject in our school.Some of the activies that help us realize this objective has been the Thursday 2.00 pm to 4.00pm peer teaching program, the Thursday night mathematics exams/contests, annual Mathematics day which invloves very many Mathematics activities including Mathematics poems, tests,presentations and inter-class Maths contests. a very active Maths club which meet every Sunday after evening preps at 9.00pm. we intend to introduce Mathematician of the week competition where a student who has done the highest number of sums in a week get a prize. We organized Mathematics discussion groups which meet everyday at 6.30pm to 7.30 pm for the senior classes ie form 3 and 4.

All these activities have made a remarkable improvement in the Maths KCSE performernce since 2005. Our best mean grade was in 2013  when we hard a mean of 10.7621(A minus)

Mathematics is the key plank in implemetantation and accomplishment of vision 2030 because it can only be achieved when the young Kenyans get well educated. in this repect the teaching fraternity of Maryhill Girls’ High School and especially in the Mathematics department is geared towards playing its role towards achieving this goal. The positive attitude of most students towards the subject has made teaching and learning interesting and more meaningful.

We pray God Almighty to continue showering us with his blessings as we count and name blessing one by one.

                                                                               By Mr Peter Njoroge

                                    .                                          The Head of Department 

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