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MESSAGE FROM THE Head of Department


Vision of the Science Department

To develop a cohesive team of teachers working together as we work towards fulfilling our school motto "TOILING FOR EXCELLENCE". This is enhanced through team setting, conveyor marking and holding a joint science dept meeting termly.

To develop scientific High Order Thinking Processes in the learners. this is meant to open the scientific perspective in the minds of learners, to enable the appreciate the need for science in one daily life.

To enhance good performance that will finally boost the school program at the national level. To achieve this we put more emphasis on "hands on" activities-(practicals) in all the scinces. All classes have one double lab lesson a week in which thjey are expected to do hands on activities.

A record of work covered is constantly maintained. Members use it to enhance harmonoius coverage of syllabus and trackig the pace at which th syllabus is being implemented in different classes.

Finally our vision is to eliminate the C’s (Operation C out) in performance of the sciences.We hope to achieve this by working closely with the low achievers through remedial teaching.

 Science Department of Maryhill Girls’ High School currently consist of the following teachers:

  1. Mr Waweru M.(Head of Department Science)
  2. Mrs Ariri
  3. Mr Njoroge(Head of Department Mathematics and Assistant Senior Teacher)
  4. Mr Mwangi G.
  5. Mrs Ogutu
  6. Mrs Makokha
  7. Mr Maina W.
  8. Mr Kariuki
  9. Ms Mwangi
  10. Mrs Kimotho
  11. Mr Gitau 
  12. Mr Gakuo
  13. Mrs Akaka
  14. Mrs Mogaka

                                             By Mr Waweru M.

                                                             H.O.D Sc. Dept

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